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5/30/2017Data Collection and Evaluation for CHW/Promotora ProgramsWorkforce1WS053017
6/4/20172017 Region IX Clinical Excellence ConferenceConferences & Events2WCN2017
6/4/2017CPCA Board of Directors MeetingMeetings3CB060417
6/13/2017Capitation Payment, Billing/Encounter Submissions 1WW061317
6/13/2017Chief Financial Officer Peer Network MeetingMeetings3PCF061317
6/16/2017Capitation Payment, Billing/Encounter Submissions 1WW061617
6/20/2017Outreach & Enrollment Peer Network MeetingOutreach & Enrollment4OE062017
6/21/2017Human Resource Peer NetworkHuman Resource3PHR06217
6/22/2017IT Systems & Services 1WW062217
6/23/2017IT Systems & Services 1WW062317
7/11/2017Making Dollars & Sense of Social Determinants of HealthHealth Center Operations1WL071117
7/18/2017Marketing & Communications Peer Network Meeting 4MC071817
7/18/2017Outreach & Enrollment Peer Network MeetingOutreach & Enrollment4OE071817
7/20/2017Utilization & Care Management 1WW072017
7/21/2017Utilization & Care Management 1WW072117
7/25/2017Reporting & Analysis 1WW072517
7/27/2017Reporting & Analysis 1WW072717
8/3/2017Member Eligibility, Reconciliation & Management 1WW080317
8/4/2017Member Eligibility, Reconciliation & Management 1WW080417
8/9/2017Compliance Officer Peer Network MeetingMeetings3PCO080917
8/11/2017Clinic Emergency Preparedness Peer Network MeetingMeetings3PEP081117
8/15/2017Outreach & Enrollment Peer Network MeetingOutreach & Enrollment4OE081517
8/15/2017Billing Managers Peer Network MeetingMeetings3PBM081517
8/16/2017Human Resource Peer NetworkHuman Resource3PHR081617
8/22/2017Marketing & Communications Peer Network Meeting 4MC082217
8/23/2017SQIC Quarterly Meeting 3CSQ082317
9/12/2017Chief Financial Officer Peer Network MeetingMeetings3PCF091217
9/14/2017Behavioral Health Peer Network In-person Meeting 3PBH091417
9/14/2017Behavioral Health Peer Network Webinar 3PBH091471
9/19/2017Outreach & Enrollment Peer Network MeetingOutreach & Enrollment4OE091917